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Every Sunday at 10am, we gather together to worship The One who created us. At Generation Church, from the first moments of walking in the lobby, to the powerful worship and message; everything is done in a way that we trust, blesses the heart of God.  And, if it blesses Him, it should in turn - encourage our hearts and prepare us for the week ahead. 


So check your calendar, set your alarm, and plan on coming; because your Father is waiting for you.  Isn't that amazing to know that He loves to meet with us?  We think so too!  


  • A welcoming environment and someone to walk you through the process of being a VIP. 

  • Free coffee.

  • Fun and secure children's spaces with age appropriate teaching. 

  • High energy worship from the Generation Worship team.

  • A powerful & engaging message about Jesus from one of our Pastors.

  • A free gift as our way to thank you and someone to answer any questions you may have.



The NEXT generation is OUR responsibility. 

We take our responsibility to your kids seriously.

For security purposes, we use a digital child check in system ensuring that each child is accounted for, and are only released to the parent or guardian who checked them in - that day.


Pre-registering your child will allow for a smoother check in process allowing your kids to join in the fun quickly. This also allows you time to get oriented and into the worship experience.


*Pre-registration forms must be sent in 24 hours in advance. If within that window, just come to the GenerationNEXT Check In and we will be able to still help you get your kids checked in quickly.

If you have more than 3 children, please fill out the form as many times as necessary.

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