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Statistics tell us, Junior High, High School and early College Students are under pressures that no other generation has ever experienced.  No one need tell you that the US stats for drug and alcohol abuse, teen suicide and pregnancies are at an all time high.  Parents are often at the end of their rope trying to "reach" their kids.  They love them dearly, but all too often, when the teen years emerged, their once loving child disappeared and someone seemingly different entered the home. 


Sound familiar?


Well, as students face a future of uncertainty, we exist to offer hope and direction in finding the most important relationship of all. 


A relationship with Jesus Christ. 


We believe everyone needs Jesus.  Even, and especially this next generation.  And when He enters the picture, everything changes.  Hope is restored.  Purpose unfolds.  Negative habits begin to wane, and new, positive healthy patterns begin to emerge.  Having a life in Christ is the greatest adventure they've never been on, but when they jump in, they'll be forever changed! 


From monthly gatherings to fun outings to missions trips & local inner city outreaches, we want this NOW generation to serve our neighbors down the street, and peoples across the planet.  It's a life lesson we all could learn. 


But, it's ok with us, if students lead the way. 


Because when a student connects with their passion and purpose in Christ, it'll connect him/her to places and people they'd never imagine possible!  


If you're a parent reading this and want more for your teenager or young adult, don't wait.  Today is the best day to make a decision toward your student's future!  


To find out more, contact the Church Office @

618.215.7122 (church office), Mon - Thursday, 9 to 4 pm!

618.789.2068 (text to mobile), same times listed above - TY!

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