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Jesus is the reason we exist.  And, we exist so people get Him!  Our future can be all that we want to make it be.  We decide.  We believe we have the BEST message of all the world.  Jesus saves.  He heals, and He sets people FREE!  What could be better than that?  Let’s DO THIS THING!


We see a new kind of church.  One that looks more like the New Testament, and less like bogged down, traditional religion.

We see a church that seeks out the hopeless and the happy, the confused and the confident, the embittered and the empowered. 

We see welcoming those who’ve lost their way, along with those who know where they’re headed.

We see a church that loves people.  No questions. 

No judgments. Just acceptance. Period.


God wants everyone to "get it" - that is, to experience His love, forgiveness, acceptance, approval, a sense of belonging and real transformation. We realize that in order to help people experience these things, we can't do everything, but as we stay FOCUSED on the PRIORITIES He's given us, He will help us to reach as many people as possible, whose hearts are far from God, come home to Christ. 


Offering Life-Changing Weekend Worship Services: 


Our weekend services are our largest opportunity for reaching people and sharing the life-giving power of the Gospel.  We are very focused on offering services that provide heartfelt worship and anointed teaching of the Word of God, in innovative and creative ways!


Reaching the NEXT Generation: 


We are committed to helping every boy and girl, youth and young person hear about Jesus and His love for them in safe, secure, joy-filled  environments using AsZOOsA Street Kid’s Classrooms, TheLoft, EPIC Groups & activities that promote relationships & a sense of belonging.  


Impacting Ages & Stage of Life through EPIC Groups:                              


EVERY. PERSON. IN. COMMUNITY.  The word EPIC conveys something larger than life!  However, @ GC—our EPIC Groups are Small Groups, sized 8-15 people, that are experiencing similar common bonds in life in some way.  Through those natural connections, spiritual bonds are forged & our EPIC Groups build a sense of community like nothing else can! 

Equipping and Training All Generations:


Statistics tell us that the majority of Christians have never been equipped or trained for leadership and fruitful ministry in their own sphere of influence.  We will continue to work to reverse that through a variety of classes, programs and events, so that we are constantly training and mentoring believers in their faith & spiritual maturity.

Loving Our Community Through RED Events:  


From the beginning, taking the gospel outside of the four walls of the church is front and center for us. While we love gathering together to worship God and grow in His Word - it's all for the purpose of taking the Good News to people outside of church - those who are hurting, lost, unchurched, disappointed, rejected, lonely, empty and in need of a real relationship with God. That's why we offer weekend services with unchurched people in mind and that's why we will host a variety of cutting edge outreach events throughout the year.


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The short version (for those of you who prefer not to read a novel)


God is bigger and better and closer than you can imagine.


  • The Bible is God's perfect guidebook for living.

  • Jesus is God showing Himself to mankind. 

  • He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  No one will come to the Father except by Him.

  • New life is available through Jesus Christ. 

  • Through the Holy Spirit, God moves in us and through us now.  He gives spiritual gifts to believers, and empowers the Church. 

  • Grace is the only way to have a relationship with God.

  • Faith is the only way to grow in your relationship with God.

  • God is not the creator of bad events, yet He can still bring good out of those situations.

  • God promises victory over evil to those who choose Him.

  • Heaven and hell are very real places. Death is a beginning, not an end.

  • The Church is here to serve people, like Jesus served people, and to help you grow in your relationship with Christ.

  • Jesus is coming again soon.


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